• Stocks are out. Crypto is in. •
This might be the closest to a 401k that you can find, as well as potential opportunity to change your life forever.

It’s time to learn the language and reap the benefits before it’s too late... and trust me when I say, this space moves at the speed of light. 💫 Without sounding too much like an ad (don’t get me wrong, this Is) • I’m not gonna sell you on an NFT for Dummies guide or some never ending evergreen pipeline of repackaged information sourced from content aggregators to make a click-funnel leaving you holding a bag full of useless information. I’m also not here to take a one size fits all approach because each of you are unique individuals with special needs and wants out of your personal, financial and creative goals. Lastly, I’m not giving financial advice, and ask / expect that everyone do diligence before taking action on anything they receive from this class...

Now that that’s out of the way,
In my bio is a link to Save A Spot in my next crash course & masterclass (next class date TBA). I did a trial run with some very affluent and successful clients of mine who barely knew about the space, to gauge the level of value they got from it and that gave me the confidence to roll this out... Only after running a few 500 person talks that were about marketing, branding, messaging and more with me being the coordinator + only speaker at these events...

I want accessibility, diversity & inclusion to be a part of everything I do (which is why I can’t take most CMO positions I’m offered) and that also plays a role in how I’ve chosen to price this at an affordable price. 🙌🏽 sooo yeah. Less Talk, More Walk. Have a friend you think might benefit? Tag them or sponsor them for the class, they might just end up being your new angel investor.

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